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Beltcon 20

Takes place on 31 July and 1 August at St George Conference Centre, Centurion, South Africa 
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Member Company NameTelephone NoContact PersonProductsServicesEmail AddressWeb Address
2Acrow Limited Acrow Limited (011) 824-1527Karl LassnerPushbacks  http://www.acrow.co.za
3Actom (Pty) Ltd Actom (Pty) Ltd (011) 899 1111Rishi GangaramGearboxes, Motors  http://www.alstom.co.za
4Afripp Projects cc Afripp Projects cc (011) 486 3077Adi Frittella Design  
5Altra Industrial Motion South Africa (Pty) Ltd Altra Industrial Motion South Africa (Pty) Ltd (011) 918 4270Kevin GillPower Transmission   
6Bauer a Division of Hudaco Trading (Pty) Ltd - Suspended Non Payment Bauer a Division of Hudaco Trading (Pty) Ltd - Suspended Non Payment  Deon KrigeDrives   
10Bearing Man Group Bearing Man Group (011) 620 1500Clive DicksBackstops, Clutches, Couplings, Belting  http://www.bmgworld.net
7Bearings International Bearings International (011) 889 0000Matthew TylerBearings, Power Transmission  http://www.bearings.co.za
8Belt Brokers Belt Brokers (011) 740 9492Gawie PretoriusBelting  http://www.beltbrokers.co.za
9Belting Supply Services & BEP Bestobell Belting Supply Services & BEP Bestobell (011) 610-5600Mark VorsterBelting   
11Bonfiglioli Power Transmissions (Pty) Ltd Bonfiglioli Power Transmissions (Pty) Ltd (011) 608 2030Robert RohmanDrives  http://www.bonfiglioli.com
12Bosworth a Div of Hudaco Trading (Pty) ltd Bosworth a Div of Hudaco Trading (Pty) ltd (011) 864 1643Anton DedekindPulleys  http://www.bosworth.co.za
13Brelko Conveyor Products (Pty) Ltd Brelko Conveyor Products (Pty) Ltd (011) 013 4000Jay PillayCleaners  http://www.brelko.co.za
14CedoTech cc CedoTech cc 0823370180Henk Brink Consulting Engineers henk@cedotech.co.za http://www.cedotech.co.za
15Closeal Manufacturing cc Closeal Manufacturing cc (011) 839-1610Jerome GovenderRubber Products  http://www.closeal.co.za
16Collisen Engineering Collisen Engineering (013) 246 1790Willie van StraatenBelt starters, Controls  http://www.colliseneng.co.za
17Contitech South Africa (Pty) Ltd Contitech South Africa (Pty) Ltd (011) 248 9300Bright RwodziBelting  http://www.contitech.co.za
18Conveyor & Engineering Equipment Conveyor & Engineering Equipment (011) 892 0293Tariq LobhadurStructure, Pulleys  http://www.conveyoree.co.za
78Conveyor and Industrial Supplies Conveyor and Industrial Supplies 0113063100Hannes LotterWinches, Structure, Rubber Products, Pulleys, Motors, Mechanical Joints, Idlers, Gearboxes, Drives, Couplings, Cleaners, Chutes, Brakes, Belting, Belt starters, Bearings, Backstops, Servicing, Design, hannes@cisjhb.co.za www.cisjhb.co.za
73Conveyor Watch Conveyor Watch 0823370180Henk Brink Servicing, henkbrink@conveyorwatch.co.za www.conveyorwatch.co.za
19CT Systems cc CT Systems cc (011) 845 3258Vitor PataoControls  http://www.ctsystems.co.za
20David Brown Gear Ind. (Pty) Ltd David Brown Gear Ind. (Pty) Ltd (011) 748 0000Gerhard DuvenageDrives, gearboxes   
21DRA Projects SA (Pty) Ltd DRA Projects SA (Pty) Ltd (011) 202 8600Neale Goddard Project Management, EPCM, Design  
22Dunlop Belting Products (Pty) Ltd Dunlop Belting Products (Pty) Ltd (011) 741 2500  BeltingSplicing http://www.dunlop.co.za
23Dymot Engineering Co (Pty) Ltd Dymot Engineering Co (Pty) Ltd (011) 970 1920Graeme SkeenWinches  http://www.dymot.co.za
24ELB Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd ELB Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd (011) 772 1400Dr Stephen Meijers Project Management, Design http://www.elb.co.za
77Electromote (Pty) Ltd Electromote (Pty) Ltd 0624806522Geoffrey RuisMotors, Gearboxes, Drives,   geoff@electromote.co.za www.electromote.co.za
25Fenner Conveyor Belting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd Fenner Conveyor Belting (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd (011) 974 1902Alan ThysseBelting   
26Flexco (SA) (Pty) Ltd Flexco (SA) (Pty) Ltd (011) 608 4180Ken PurchaseIdlers, Mechanical Joints  http://www.flexco.com
27FLSmidth Roymec FLSmidth Roymec (010) 210 4000 John Stephenson Project Management, Design  
28Giza Technologies (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT Giza Technologies (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT  Daniel TennerTurnkey Projects  http://www.nautilusprojects.co.za
29Habasit South Africa (Pty) Ltd Habasit South Africa (Pty) Ltd (010) 001 6770Kobus BotesBelting  http://www.habasit..co.za
30Hagglunds Drives South Africa Hagglunds Drives South Africa (011) 454 4933Rudi RamuageliDrives  http://www.hagglunds.com
31Hatch Goba (Pty) Ltd Hatch Goba (Pty) Ltd (011) 239 5300Hendrik Visser Consulting Engineers http://www.hatch.ca
32HMA South Africa (Pty) Ltd HMA South Africa (Pty) Ltd (010)900 2055Kelsey Nel Consulting Engineers https://hmagrp.com
33Hosch - Fordertechnik (SA) (Pty) Ltd Hosch - Fordertechnik (SA) (Pty) Ltd (011) 397 5303Johan de KokerCleaners, idlers  http://www.hosch.de
34International Belting and Marketing (Pty) Ltd International Belting and Marketing (Pty) Ltd (011) 363 3728Danie KotzeBelting  http://www.conveyorbelt.co.za
35Iptron Technology cc Iptron Technology cc (011) 477 7122Ian PlunkettControls  http://www.iptrontech.co.za
36KevConBelt KevConBelt (011) 083 2100Wilton MonneryRubber ProductsServicing, Splicing  
76Leoka Engineering Leoka Engineering 0100206180Katlego Project Management, EPCM, Design, Consulting Engineers, accounts@leoka.co.za leoka.co.za
37Lesa Mining Equipment and Conveyor Belt cc SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT t/a Technique Avant Garde Lesa Mining Equipment and Conveyor Belt cc SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT t/a Technique Avant Garde  Mickey van RooyenCleaners   
38Lorbrand Lorbrand (012) 666 6000Ralph GranigIdlers, Pulleys  http://www.lorbrand.com
74Magnet Service Binder SA CC Magnet Service Binder SA CC 0117913460Arnold BrandBrakes, Servicing, sales2@binder.co.za www.binder.co.za
39Martin Engineering Martin Engineering (013) 656 5135Hannes KotzeCleaners   
41Melco Conveyor Equipment Melco Conveyor Equipment (011) 255 1600Danie O'ConnellIdlers, Pulleys  http://www.melco.co.za
42Merlin Consulting (Pty)Ltd Merlin Consulting (Pty)Ltd 082 903 7102Ronnie Bawden Consulting Engineers  
43Moret Mining (Pty) Ltd Moret Mining (Pty) Ltd (011) 474 1260Roelf van BlerkIdlers, cleaners, pulleys  http://www.moretmining.co.za
44Nautilus Projects (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT Nautilus Projects (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT (041) 3672634Daniel TennerTurnkey Projects  http://www.nautilusprojects.co.za
45Nepean Conveyors (Pty) Ltd Nepean Conveyors (Pty) Ltd (011) 708 2854Willem NiemandtWinchesProject Management, Design http://www.nepeanconveyors.com
46OE Bearings (Pty) Ltd OE Bearings (Pty) Ltd (011) 493 4463Nica SmithBearings  http://www.oebearings.co.za
47Oriental Rubber Industries SA (Pty) Ltd Oriental Rubber Industries SA (Pty) Ltd (011) 914 1738Tazveer RamroopBelting  http://www.orientalrubber.com
48Osborn Engineered Products SA (Pty) Ltd Osborn Engineered Products SA (Pty) Ltd (011) 820 7600Donovan Baleta Project Management, Design http://www.boartlongyear.co.za
49Pegasus Industrial Services cc Pegasus Industrial Services cc (013) 246 1842R Lovett Project Management  
50Regal Beloit SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT Regal Beloit SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT  Hilton FortmannMotors  http://www.regalbeloit.com
51Rema Tip Top South Africa (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED FOR NON PAYMENT Rema Tip Top South Africa (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED FOR NON PAYMENT (011) 813 2222Sheryl KirstenRubber products  http://www.rema-tiptop.com
52Ringspann Transmission Components Ringspann Transmission Components (011) 394 1830Trevor du ToitPower Transmissions  http://www.ringspann.co.za
53Rossi Gearmotors (Pty)Ltd Rossi Gearmotors (Pty)Ltd (032) 815 0380Kyle DickPower Transmissions  http://www.rossi-group.co.za
54Rula Bulk Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd Rula Bulk Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd (011) 795 1040Roelf Odendal EPCM http://www.rula.co.za
55SENET SENET (011) 409 1300Theo Winterbach Project Management, Design http://www.senet.co.za
56SEW Eurodrive (Pty) Ltd SEW Eurodrive (Pty) Ltd (011) 248 7000Andreas MeidDrives  http://www.sew.co.za
57Shaft Engineering c.c Shaft Engineering c.c (011) 902 2623Abel TeixeiraPulleys  http://www.shafteng.co.za
58SKF South Africa (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT SKF South Africa (Pty) Ltd SUSPENDED NON PAYMENT  Marchant TaylorBearings  http://www.skf.com
59Tenova Takraf Tenova Takraf (011) 201 2300Leon Olwage Project Management, Design http://www.takraf.tenova.com
60ThyssenKrupp Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd ThyssenKrupp Materials Handling (Pty) Ltd (011) 236 1000Willie Agenbag Project Management, Design http://www.thyssenkrupp-industrial-solutions.co.za
61Timken South Africa (Pty) Ltd Timken South Africa (Pty) Ltd (011) 741 3800Joelene SaaimanBearings  http://www.timken.com
62Transvaal Rubber Company Transvaal Rubber Company (011) 839-2370Pierre MorgenroodBelting  http://www.truco.co.za
63Voith Turbo (Pty) Ltd Voith Turbo (Pty) Ltd (011) 418 4000 Hans VosholCouplings, Drives  http://www.voith.com
64WEBA South Africa (Pty) Ltd WEBA South Africa (Pty) Ltd (011) 827 9372Mark BallerChutes  http://www.webachutes.com
65Worley Parsons RSA Worley Parsons RSA (011) 218 3000Christo van Dyk EPCM http://www.worleyparsons.com
66Zest Electric Motors (Pty) Ltd Zest Electric Motors (Pty) Ltd 0117236255Sean O'NeillDrives  soneill@zestweg.com http://www.zest.co.za