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Established in 1973
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Objectives of the Association

Conveyor Manufacturer's Association of South Africa Objectives

To promote high standards of design, quality, manufacture and service in the conveyor belt industry.
To provide users of belt conveyor equipment with reliable and competitive sources of supply.
To ensure that high standards of contractual integrity are maintained within the industry.
To use the strength of the Association to challenge increases in the costs of raw materials and ancillary components.
To promote the dissemination of information on the latest belt conveyor technology.
To monitor the development of manufacturers of belt conveyor equipment to enable them to be considered for membership of the Association as and when they attain the required qualifications.
To participate in the formulation and setting of national and industry standards.
To work with the users of conveyor equipment to develop the industry in South Africa. To promote and foster interest at an academic level in the study and development of conveyor technology.

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